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Inflatable Toys!

Inflatable Toys!

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Dive into fun with our vibrant collection of inflatable toys! Perfect for enhancing various abilities, these toys are not just playful but also educational.

Product Features:

  • Ability Training: Boosts emotional intelligence, vision, coordination, and more.
  • Variety: A colorful selection including a coconut tree beach ball, monkey suit, flamingo, and more.
  • Material: Durable 0.18MM thick PVC for long-lasting play.
  • Size: Various sizes available, with the largest standing at 85-90CM in height after inflation.

Available Options:

  • Coconut Tree Beach Ball: 14 inches pre-inflation, 22CM in diameter, and 25g post-inflation.
  • Banana: 68cm long and weighs 48G after inflation.
  • Flamingo: Stands 50cm tall with a weight of about 40g post-inflation.
  • Inflatable Monkey: Measures 58 * 40CM * 30CM and weighs approximately 75g after inflation.
  • Inflatable Parrot: 58 * 55CM in size and weighs about 60g once inflated.


  • Each pack contains one delightful inflatable toy.

These toys are perfect for interactive play, fostering parent-child communication, and nurturing an interest in a variety of activities. Get ready to inflate the fun at your next beach day or pool party!

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