Welcome to SeaScapesSpotlight!

At Captain's Quarters, we believe in celebrating the beauty of the ocean (or other body of water) and the captivating allure of sea life. Our SeaScapesSpotlight series is a tribute to the mesmerizing vistas and serene moments captured by ocean enthusiasts like you.

What is SeaScapesSpotlight?

SeaScapesSpotlight is a platform where you can share your love for the sea by showcasing your favorite water photos. Whether it's a breathtaking sunrise over the waves, the tranquility of a secluded beach, or the adventurous spirit of sailing, we invite you to upload your sea-inspired snapshots and share your stories with our community.

How to Participate:

1. Capture the Moment: Take a stunning photo of any water scene that inspires you. It could be a beach, a lake, a river, or any body of water that speaks to your soul.

2. Share Your Story: Write a brief description of your photo. Tell us what inspired you, the story behind the scene, or any special memories associated with it.

3. Upload Your Seascape: Fill out the form below with a link to your sea scape (a sharing link from iCloud, OneDrive, or Google Photos is fine!). Or put "Email me" and I'll email and ask you to send me your photo!

Let's embark on this oceanic journey together!